The Raq Rega E-Mail Project Issue 5

The Claim That Israel's Treatment of Palestinians in the Territories Has Been An Unremitting Disaster for the Average Palestinian and Violates International Norms

Under no circumstance should the following be interpreted as expressing any view on Israeli policies vis a vis the Palestinians in the Territories.  Neither should it be read to imply that the Palestinians are (or for that matter are not) better off under Israeli rule.  It is merely offered to help assure that discussions of Israeli treatment of the Palestinians over whom it exercises authority remains tied to the facts.  

 In an article about the politicization of the World Health Organization the Telegraph (UK) reported that the WHO is pandering to the desires of its western, especially European, donors, rather than the malnourished millions of Africa and Asia.  As one of several examples of the costs such a pattern of behavior has on the truth, the article reported that:

 Israel is the only country to be repeatedly attacked by the WHO, despite the evidence that the Palestinians' health has improved under occupation. Mortality rates have fallen in the past 30 years in the West Bank and Gaza, and the life expectancy of Palestinians has jumped from 48 to 72 years - rather better than the Arab or North African averages.

The article was written by Roger Bates, a visiting fellow of the American Enterprise Institute, a fellow of the Institute of Economic Affairs and a Director of Health Advocacy Group Africa Fighting Malaria.

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