The Lech Lecha Travel Project

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God's words to Abraham, telling him of his second nisayon (test) are : "Lech lecha me'artz'cha, u’me'moladt'cha u’me'beit avicha el ha'aretz asher ar'eka (12:1) These words are usually translated as: "Go out (Lech Lecha), from your land and from your birthplace and from the house of your father to the land that I will show you." But why does God say lech lecha?  Lech lecha can be translated “go for yourself” and “go to yourself.” Why doesn't He just say "Lech - Go?" 
Lech Lecha: 

Really Discover Israel  Through the Land and Through Its Diverse Population,

Discover Who You Are, Your History and Your People

And All The While Discover One of the Best Vacations of Your Life


Vacation to Israel  . . .
to Refresh Your Body, Mind and Soul TM