The Am Eretz Medina Project

This Project is Coming Soon


There are many manifestations of Zionism but at its core Zionism is a belief in the need for, and the desirability of, a homeland for Jews and an effort to unify Jews. Today that effort to unify can, for the most part, be captured under the current notion of Jewish Peoplehood. 

Before the founding of the State of Israel this expression of the core of Zionism was viewed as “political”.  However it is not apparent why it should be so regarded, and even less apparent why, even if regarded as political, it has a place along the left-right political spectrum.

Nevertheless, beginning some time after the 1967 Six Day War, the term Zionism has become perceived, at best, as synonymous with right wing Israel-right-or-wrong Jewish advocacy and politics and, at worst, as synonymous with oppression, racism and colonialism as evidenced by the following representative quotes:

2007: Zionism is widely thought to be an ugly anachronism — an illiberal, anti-democratic European imposition on an indigenous native population.[1]

2012: "Zionist" is used to mean, in effect, a Jewish racist who subordinates conscience to the interests of the second homeland.[2]

2012: Many American Jewish leaders continue to abandon the word “Zionism,” claiming it does not “poll well.”[3]

The purpose of the Am Eretz Medina Project is not to take issue with, nor to defend, any right- or left- of center agenda viz a viz Israel.  Nor is it to take issue with or defend any perception regarding any agenda of any Jewish organization.

The purpose of the Am-Eretz-Medina Project is (i) to help to re-invigorate, re-introduce and rehabilitate Zionism for the majority of Jews in the U.S., and then (ii) to emphasize what Zionists of all stripes share while (iii) encouraging respect for, as opposed to agreement with, all variations of Zionism.

In pursuing these purposes, the goals of the Project include making Zionism relevant, especially to left of center, younger and/or indifferent Jews, in the service of instilling/deepening a meaningful, and substantive, sense of Jewish Peoplehood. 

The Am-Eretz-Medina Project:  Am, the Jewish people.  Eretz, the Land of Israel.  Medina, the State of Israel.